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Big Damn Table

This entry is to keep track of my fanfic100 claim (with Gokudera and Yamamoto from Reborn as my pairing). I'll update the table every time I write something new. (And if I happen to falter, give me a kick in the pants.)

Ze TableCollapse )

Work in Progress

Well guys...this is it. The first chapter of the EPIC DEITOBI LIBRARIAN!!!AU story. I'm totally stoked, to say the very least. This story is my baby, really, and I'm thrilled to be sharing it with you all...finally. XD

A couple notes:

Deidara is the oldest, at 25. Ino is 24. Tobi is 21. Doesn't follow canon at all, but WHATEVER, this is fanfiction. Setting is Princeton, New Jersey. Deidara is a librarian, Tobi is a junior at Princeton University. That's all you really need to know, I think. :D

Rated T (for NOW)

Summary: Life is a work in progress. Deidara's learning that the hard way...from a particularly annoying patron who doesn't seem to want to leave him alone.

On the Subject of Faith

sayaka_sama had a rough week, and she requested this (a Hidan/Tobi friendship fic with "breakfast" as the keyword). I was more than happy to oblige. :D

A couple notes: One, the characterizations are based entirely on laststopgakuen, where I play Tobi and infinitefirefly plays Hidan. Due to the nature of the RP, I tend to portray Tobi as his pre-MAJOR REVELATION self, so that's what you'll be seeing here.

Two, philosophical discussions about God and the nature of human beings are part of this story. I find it difficult to write about Hidan without bringing God into it, because Hidan is a man of God, plain and simple. So. If that's going to make you uncomfortable, I'd advise you to find something else to read. :D

Rated T for swearing.

Summary: He didn't want to talk, but there was just something about Tobi that made him feel like he should. AU.


I have no idea what possessed me to even try writing for Reborn, except that I downloaded a shit-ton of YamaGoku doujins, and in every single one of them, Gokudera is EXTREME UKE. Which. Does not make sense. I think Gokudera would put up a fight, at the very least. Okay, okay, I guess I do know why I wrote this. I WANTED SEME!!GOKUDERA. XD I hope everyone enjoys, and that my characterizations aren't utter crap.

GokuYama, rated R. Set in the Millefiore timeline, but no major spoilers.

Summary: Yamamoto has to push so Gokudera will push back.


Two stories in one day? WHAT IS THIS. XD vazavati and I gave each other keywords to work with last week, and I got "cookies." So. Here is your KuroFai cookie story, Emily.

Rated PG

Summary: Kurogane hates cookies.

Like This

Instead of studying for my Access to Info midterm, I wrote TobiDei sex. :D (Emphasis on the TobiDei.) This is probably the most graphic mansex I've ever written, which isn't saying much, because at the end of the day, it's not that graphic. OH WELLZ.

Rated R-not worksafe (and this does include spoilers if you're not in the loop concerning certain developments in Tobi's character)

Inspired heavily by this image:  http://mikutashi.deviantart.com/art/Oh-Senpai-65996693 (Mikutashi, ilu)

Summary: Deidara would be so easy to break.



Egads, my first ever Tsubasa fic! RUN FAR AWAY. RUN.

So um. Started this in class a few days ago, because chapter 166 has been in my head and I can't get it out and this is how I want things to go in the next chapter (we'll know if they do or not soon enough). If I'm wrong...well, that's why it's called fanfiction. 8D

KuroFai, rated PG (mild swearing).

Summary: Seven hours since they arrived in this world, and Fai doesn't even know what it looks like. (CONTAINS 166 SPOILERS, KAY?)

Tin Man

Mai. Again, I blame you entirely.

So this was only meant to be a short little drabble, a couple hundred words at most, and it turned into a 1, 205 word story. WTF. Bear in mind, guys, I've never played KH or KH2, so my knowledge of the worlds and characters is still shaky at best. I can only hope I didn't go berserk with a butcher knife on this piece and screw everything up. XD

Kingdom Hearts, AkuRoku, rated PG-13 for swearing.

Summary: It is amazing, really, how a phantom heart can hurt.


I have officially joined the Pein/Blue coalition. 8D

Pein/Blue, rated PG-13.

Summary: Three drabbles, sort of interconnected (but not really). 1. Concerning flowers (and dedicated to infinitefirefly). 2. Concerning Deidara. 3. Concerning piercings.


Was craving more Kankuro/Temari, so I wrote this. :D

Rated PG...ish.

Summary: Temari is a connoisseur of masks.